About the Creator


Krystle Kelley is a Native Detroiter who’s a professional dancer, teacher, lover of life, and people! While on her daily quest into self-awareness and purpose, she realized there were 3 things she enjoyed discussing daily….FOOD, RELATIONSHIPS, and TRAVELING! By combing her love for philosophy, food enthusiasm, and gallivanting, she knew she had found her niche!

She created the EST Blog to introduce all of the elements that she loves to others, all while improving and exposing herself on a journey to a more fulfilling and meaningful life!

Outside of her love for blogging, you can find her teaching dance classes to youth for her after school arts program “Dreamz in Motion Performing Arts Program”. In the near future she plans to combine her love for teaching children and traveling, by starting a youth travel group that exposes our future leaders to a world far beyond what they see!