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Amsterdam is well known for being home to world-renowned artists, art, and their leniency on prostitution and weed! Cultural diversity is also appreciated in Amsterdam and this is exactly why Amsterdam should be on everyone’s travel list!

In late October 2017, we spent 5 days and 4 nights in Amsterdam to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary. Even as we made our way to baggage claim, we didn’t really have a game plan. For the first time [while abroad], we were winging it. No set itineraries, just planning as we go.


Touch Down

Amsterdam Airport

Our exploration began exchanging our dollars for Euros and purchasing transit passes. While at the airport we learned that public transportation is the preferred method of transportation in Amsterdam. It is also the most cost effective, so of course public transit it is!!!  

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Sloterdijk Station, which was a small, clean hotel. We chose this hotel because of location, continental breakfast, WIFI (very important to avoid international phone charges) and the value for the price paid.We would consider staying here again, because of its convenient location outside of the train station. We were one stop away from Central Station, (it would’ve been nice to stay right at Central Station, but lodging was more expensive near this stop-hotel, airbnb or otherwise), so our hotel worked out well, all things considered…


The Munchies

After we settled in we were ready to explore! First things first….weed, sex, art! As most of you know, Amsterdam represents all things Mary Jane (weed). They are infamous for their “coffee shops”, where you can purchase and enjoy marijuana treats of all sorts. When you mention food in Amsterdam YOU CANNOT FORGET TO MENTION SPACE CAKE! Whether it’s flower bud, hash, dabs, or the new fav- Space Cake- Amsterdam is where you go to for a judgment free zone to enjoy your goods! Most spots included music and refreshments to complement the vibe. Definitely recommend the Bulldog Café for their space cake. It came with a warning, so you know it’s a great ediable!!

The BullDog

Outside of our favorite weed treats, we were able to enjoy some local food! The food in Amsterdam was  pretty comparable to American food, which is always nice. There was one particular food truck nearby that stood out; Food Crib. We tried the Hot Chick sandwich and the Junkyard Dog. It was phenomenal and great value, especially for street food.

Food Crib-Amsterdam (1)

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Red Light District

You know what was next…..Red Light District!! This area screams sex! From sex shops and kinky lingerie retailers, to live porno shows and the coveted “lady of the night” found in window storefronts.! This sector of Amsterdam brews a sexual freedom unlike any other place we’ve been to in ALL of our travels!

The live porno show we attended (yes, we went to a live porno show) included 5-6 sexual acts (with a cast of different characters) with your choice of two alcoholic beverages. Ladies are also given a “penis pop” to enjoy while watching the show.  It was also interesting to see the women in the storefront windows advertising sexual pleasure 😉 Prices were often found posted on one of the nearby windows, advertising for things such as lap dances, blowjobs, and threesomes.

*Side note- you aren’t allowed to take pics of the women in the windows, so just FYI in case you’re looking for them!

Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a serious art culture, with museums like De Nieuwe Kerk, it has been known for its high-profile exhibitions for decades. There are many other museums featuring internationally known artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Banksy- to name a few. The Van Gogh museum is highly recommended. While we are not art enthusiasts, it was very easy to appreciate Van Gogh’s work!

We also had the chance to catch the “We Have a Dream” exhibition in De Nieuwe Kerk. The exhibition began Sept. 16 and will run until February 4, 2018, so there’s still time to catch it! It showcases three world-renowned figures- Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela- who each influenced the course of the twentieth century. The exhibit highlighted their extraordinary movements against racial discrimination and social injustice. It was very moving to be reminded of each of their contributions to society, and to reflect on the impact their message had on the world. We were personally surprised to find such an exhibit in Amsterdam, but delighted nonetheless we had a chance to reflect on history that hit closer to home for us.

Exhibition Amsterdam

From Amsterdam, with Love!

 We are ecstatic that we had the opportunity to explore such an amazing place as a married couple! All in all, Amsterdam represents many things, including being liberal, free, and unadulterated! This sentiment was echoed with many of the natives we spoke to throughout our stay. Many of them stated how they feel free to just be who they are. And while visiting the “Feel Good Coffee Shop”, we noticed a sticker on our booth that spoke volumes on how the Dutch approach humanity…..It said “Make Racists Afraid Again”. With that being said, Thank you Amsterdam!

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-Ryan & Christina Bridges

Us and Van Gogh

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