EST: Why I’m Grateful for the D….!

detroit skyline

I just want to scream out loud….DAMN I LOVE THE D! Not the D you are thinking about, nasty, lol! I’m talking about Detroit! The place I was born, raised, and made! It’s my favorite city in the world and the biggest city people love………to HATE! I imagine that’s one of the reasons our Detroit Vs Everybody brand is so meaningful and relevant to the city. When I travel the world, I don’t leave home without my “DVE” and “Detroit Official”  gear. I love to represent for the city, and I also LOVE to hear reactions I get when people find out I’m from “The D”. And although I love the conversations with strangers, I hate to hear all of the constant criticism, assumptions, and incorrect judgments about my city.  I often find myself passionately defending Detroit like I molded it with my very own hands.

The city can be a tough place to live in, but it’s an unmatched gem with character and an indomitable spirit. We, the people, bring a style and attitude that can be identified in any room full of people. Don’t underestimate my city or the people who live in it. We are intelligent, courageous, beautiful, humble, and happy unlike most people seem to believe!

I stand firm in my opinions and have love for Detroit. But I have to admit that I’ve also said some horrible things about my city. I’m always so anxious to leave and experience other cities and countries for a multitude of reasons. But to my surprise, traveling has actually given me a newfound love and respect for Detroit that I never really had. Being away from home for seemingly long amounts of time has helped me gather a small list of things I can honestly appreciate about The D. And no….this list has nothing to do with the brand new downtown people are so crazy about. I love Detroit and I hope you will agree and enjoy these things as well!


  1. Down to earth people– Man, people in Detroit are the realest people I’ve ever been around. People in my city don’t try to act or be anything but themselves. It’s so refreshing to be with people who are confident, yet humble.
  2. Driving skills– I’ve driven in MANY cities around the world, and I am POSITIVE nobody drives as well as a person from Detroit. We move and glide with traffic like we were born to take on the road. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that America’s first mile of concrete highway was built in Detroit! I want to slap drivers in every city and yell, “MOVE, REAL DRIVER COMING THROUGH ASSHOLES!”
  3. The Accommodating Men– The men in Detroit know how to have fun with women without expecting anything in return. They will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great night out without following you around the whole night like a creep. They don’t want go to a club with a group of guys to be cute, they want to enjoy a good time with beautiful women and don’t mind PAYING, lol! Men in a lot of other places want to be cute and think it’s “tricking” to spend money on women when they go out. BOY, BYE!
  4. The Beautiful Women- Women in Detroit are naturally beautiful, down to earth, and fun! Unlike most big, BLACK cities, most of our beautiful women are actually born and raised in our city.
  5. Canada- It’s not many big cities in our country that can say they have another beautiful country 5 minutes away! I’m sure the college age kids especially love having Canada as a neighbor for the under age drinking, lol! But I particularly love being connected to an entirely different culture and vibe. With Toronto just a 4 hour drive away, and Montreal only 8, there is definitely no reason a Detroiter shouldn’t be able to say they’ve never traveled internationally. (Well unless you owe child support or anything of the sorts.)

What are some of your favorite things about Detroit!? Please share them with me!

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