Last year, I set my heart on a vacation to Montreal on a solo dolo mission! Not because I was anxious to travel alone, only because no one was interested in going to Montreal for vacation. This was also a travel plan built to replace a failed attempt to visit my favorite city, Paris. It was a no go on France during that time, due to the unfortunate terrorist attack that occurred in Paris, December 2015. So I thought, EFF it, Montreal is the closest thing I can get to France in relation to culture…. and it’s close to Michigan….so I’m out!

In the midst of planning my trip to Montreal, an opportunity arose to go to somewhere just a little bit bigger, a little more famous, and just a TAD bit more French! YES! You guessed it!!! PARIS, FRANCE!! OUI, OUI!!!! And then it happened!! 3 weeks later…. I was gonna be on my DREAM VACATION….SOLO!!


     (Arc De Triomphe)

Of course a lot of my family and friends were anxious about my unaccompanied trip to Paris. But, I was too excited to worry about all the negative aspects! I just told them don’t worry, I will be just fine….this ain’t TAKEN, and nobody is taking me, lol! Besides….. I was meeting a friend in the South of France for a couple days and I knew everything would be smooth! At least I thought……

When I arrived in France it was a surreal mixture of reality and fantasy. The fact that I was in Paris alone made it even more surreal! But, as soon as I landed, guess what happened?  The lens popped out of my glasses, on the plane and it was nowhere to be found! My only pair of glasses! I can barely see without them on the daily!  I had every flight attendant looking for this lens and an entire bus of people waiting on me outside of the plane to get to baggage claim!  I never found the lens…. I was officially in a panic mode! This was the beginning of a horror movie! I was exhausted and blind in another country…..ALONE! I immediately had an emotional breakdown and started to cry! At the time, I kept asking myself, why are you crying Krystle, but I couldn’t stop! In all actuality, I knew I would be OK without my glasses, but my emotions got the best of me. Not to mention, I was in PMS mode…..overwhelmed, fatigued, and now that I think about it, a little intimidated.

After a good 10 minutes, I gathered my thoughts, calmed myself down and prepared to start my journey like a big girl! I was so mentally and physically drained, I did not want to wait for an Uber, so I ended up taking a taxi from the Charles de Gaulle airport. I stayed in the 11th arrondisment in the Republique area, so cost me $60 to get to my Airbnb from the airport. Mistake #10! I would’ve saved $25-$30 taking Uber! SMH! I’m sure if I was with one of my frugal travel friends that would’ve NEVER happened! I was so pissed at myself, but hey, players f**k up too, man!

I arrived at my Airbnb around 1pm, (which was simply adorable) and crashed for about 4 hours! When I woke up, I was finally able to grasp the idea that I was in Paris! This is a place I had been dreaming of visiting since I was a girl! I spoke Paris into my life so much, that I even ended up in a relationship with a French guy from Paris! So, I did not care what happened, I was going to make the best out of this vacation! AND I DID!! I got dressed…. and you guys should know the first thing I did! I went to the Eiffel Tower!! DUH!

96835                                                                                                      (Eiffel Tower)

While spending my time in unfamiliar places, I like to immerse myself inside of the cities and cultures. So, instead of using Uber, I decided to take the local metro over to the Eiffel Tower. I was of course somewhat confused, but with a little help from some friendly French folks, I was on my way… living just like a Frenchy!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower reassured me I was in the city of love! It was exactly what I imagined and hoped for. As I walked up to the Eiffel Tower I remember saying “OMG I can’t believe I am here!” Then I looked back to share my excitement with my friend, but, there was no one there to share that moment with. *Tear* That was one of the moments I wished I had one of my travel partners!

It has been 6 months since I’ve been back from solo France excursion and I don’t think I was able to properly explain how I felt about it until now! This adventure was like no other I had taken, specifically because I was companionless! But…. so far, it is absolutely my favorite place in the world! And after some reflecting, I feel like it’s time to share my honest feelings about my solo experience.

There are pros and cons with solo adventures. The best part of traveling alone is doing whatever your heart desires, at any given moment! For a travel snob like myself, nothing sounds better, lol! But, sharing these precious moments with people you love, trumps any list of pros!

Stag travel is something I always wanted to accomplish and will undoubtedly do again, but, never as my first option! I was so full of joy in Paris……with no one by my side to share the experience with*sigh*. 20 years from now, there won’t be anyone to laugh or smile with about breaking my glasses, or seeing the Eiffel Tower glitter on that beautiful winter night in Paris!

Long story short…. experience solo gallivanting and form your own opinions. It’s awesome! But, find your travel soul mates and your globetrotting will be even more fulfilling!

Thanks for reading,

-Krystle Kelley

The EST Blog

D34DDDC3-AC5C-4C05-97FB-08403BE376C9                                                                                       (Seine River Love Lock Bridge)


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