EST: Fu*k It!

So…. I’ve recently traveled on my first trip ALONE, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me! This trip made me envision the innumerable amount of things that I still want to do before I leave this earth. I’m sure we ALL have a list of activities that we want to execute, but due to fear or judgement we fail to do so! I am so guilty of being a procrastinator, waiting for the perfect time, scared of change, and second guessing my opportunities! But, I know there are so many people like me! We put off the things we have an opportunity to do presently and put them aside as if WE KNOW there will be a tomorrow!! What we do not realize is…… time flies and we don’t know if tomorrow exists!

A few years ago, I started having the same epiphany and decided that I needed to turn my visions into a physical list of things I wanted to do.  But, I’m not talking about a bucket list! A bucket list is a long list of dangerous and/or outgoing things you want to do before you die….but in my eyes it was still a tool for procrastination. I love the idea of the bucket list but, it makes us feel like we have time to accomplish our goals and adventures. The problem is we don’t know if we have time! So instead, I turned my bucket list into a FUCK IT LIST!

A Fuck it List is an empowering list of things we do for ourselves in which we are able to accomplish with little effort. It’s only our minds blocking us from finishing these tasks! These things could be big or small….serious or fun! FUCK IT, I’m going out of town whenever I get the chance, FUCK IT I’m losing this weight, FUCK IT I’m not fucking with him anymore! HA! The Fuck It List is a list of things that you KNOW you can do or should have done already, but you are too fuckin lazy or too fuckin scared! So stop. Grow some balls. Just say FUCK IT and do it!

Although I created this “Fuck It” list, I still struggle with doing some things I know I want and can do in the near future! SO…. I am going to share SOME of my list hoping that this post will hold me accountable and inspire you to say “FUCK IT” too!

Here goes nothing…. FUCK IT!

In no particular order….

  • Move out of Michigan
  • Throw a bomb event
  • Record a song
  • Travel alone
  • Get laser eye surgery
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Cut my hair
  • Get a 6 pack
  • Be open to falling in love again
  • Start a tax office
  • Take my sister to Japan
  • ETC

Remember, things on your list can be as small as telling someone you love them, or as big as visiting Iceland to see the Northern Lights! Whatever it is, take that leap and just say FUCK IT!

*Make your Fuck it List and post it on your social media for accountability! We would love for you to join the movement!* TAG: #FuckItEatSexTravel

IMG_0045 (1)

-Krystle Kelley

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