Eat: Date Night? Girls Night? Meeting? Perfect!

As most of us know, it was restaurant week last week in Detroit! I had the opportunity to sit down at a few of the resturunts that were listed, with special pricing! I’m not in the business of bad mouthing any companies, so, let’s just say I was a little disappointed at a couple places I tried. But, on the other hand, I was able to visit a restaurant that I have been dying to dine at, which was not on the restaurant week list! Aqua, in Plymouth! It is a super cool, futuristic, resturaunt, with amazing service, style, and of course, FOOD!


As soon as you walk through the door, they make you feel like a V.I.P.! After they seat you at your table, the host provides you, and your guests with I pad menus. (That’s always a touch I enjoy at restaurants!) New technology intergrated with food, always excites me, LOL!


The food they served is American with an Asian fuse. The options and presentations were very enjoyable, and dissimilar from most places in Metro Detroit. And although I had some really good food at Aqua, I have to say, the BEST thing they serve is their house made bread and butter! It is to die for!!! If you love sweet butter, and fresh bread, you will be in heavan! Another informative detail is, they DO NOT HAVE FREEZERS! Which means, ALL of the food is fresh, and the menu changes daily! Awesome right?? You also have the option to see pictures of your food choices  before you dine in, which is always a plus for me! Their website has pictures of EVERYTHING they serve! But, some of the items they offer in the restaurant are not on the menu. So, be sure to check out Aqua and their ever-changing, fresh, menu for any occasion!

 What I ordered:


Photo by: Krystle Kelley

Dish (Above): Avocado Bomber (Appetizer) $12

Panko encrusted Avocados on top of sea weed salad, with siracha and eel sauce. Perfect for vegetarians!



Photo by: Krystle Kelley

Dish: Yaki Glazed Salmon $24

Fresh salmon, perfectly seared/grilled over a Japanese rice cake! (Fried rice made with batter) The cucumber salad had a mixture of flavors with strawberry, and mango. It was perfect.



Photo by: Krystle Kelley

Dish: Free Range Chicken $18

Airline cut chicken with chardonnay demi glaze, carrot mouse, and potato croquette.




Photo by: Krystle Kelley

Dish: House Made Bread and Rum Butter (Free 99, LOL)

All I can say is, you have to try this bread and butter! Ah-maze-ing!


Dish: Cheesecake

I was unable to capture desert! But, I had the cheesecake, and it was very enjoyable!

I hope you enjoy the Aqua experience as much as I did!!


Photo by: Krystle Kelley

(Our Server Above)

Thank you for reading!


Krystle Kelley


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