Sex: 10 Things your Boyfriend is Afraid to Say to you!

We would all LOVE to say, “My boyfriend loves EVERYTHING about me!”…..BUT, let’s just be frank with ourselves! You do a ton of things he just may not mention to you, because, well, you are sensitive woman….AND he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. So before he screams, breaks up, or isolates himself from you, stop these 10 things to build a less turbulent relationship!!

#1: He does not want to be around your family ALL the time.

Go spend time with your family alone. He may love your family, but it’s still your family, not his! Give him a break! Sometimes men don’t feel as comfortable around your family as you think.

#2: He wants more sex.

We all know men love sex! Stop telling your man NO! Find ways to get yourself in the mood! As quiet as it’s kept, sex is a very important factor in keeping a relationship going strong. Give it to him as much as possible honey! Make him feel like he did when you first started dating. Don’t make him feel like he’s begging you for sex! Get it together!

#3: He wants you to dress sexier.

Even though he loves you with hair tied, chillin, with no make up on, he still enjoys you dressing sexy for him! When you go to dinner, throw on that dress that shows that cleavage, and curves. When he comes home over, greet him with some sexy attire. Surprise him every so often!

#4: You’re too independent.

When I say independent, I don’t mean financially. I am talking about letting go. Letting him in. Telling him your dreams, fears, insecurities Etc. Some women believe letting go, and leaning on a man is a sign of insecurity. Not true. Men need to feel needed in some capacity. He wants to feel as though he can teach you, and help you grow as a woman. Allow him to do so! Embrace this level of intimacy. It shows vulnerability to love.

#5: You’re gaining weight.

Uh Oh. And when I say gaining weight, I mean you’ve went up a size or 2. Although it won’t completely change how he feels about you, he’s visual and wants you to stay looking the way he met you. You shouldn’t only do it for him, you should stay looking good for yourself! Let’s be honest, when we gain weight, we don’t feel as good.

#6: Tiffany is getting on my nerves…..AGAIN!

He does not want to hear about every disagreement you and your friends have! Especially if it’s ALL the time! He does not care. The big argument with a friend you never have disputes with, MAYBE. But, not Tiffany whom gets on your nerves ALL the time! It annoys him. He wants you to grow up!

#7: Details of your past relationships

He does not mind hearing about the major things that may have happened in your past. But, he doesn’t want to hear how James took you to Trinidad for your birthday! He def doesn’t want to hear about your sexcapades! That’s a No-No darling! To be honest, even if he asks about sexual experiences, tell him that’s the past…keep it moving, or LIE! Lol! But, trust me, it’s not in your best interest to volunteer that info!

#8. You talk too much.

Men like to sit, watch the game, or a movie, sometimes….in silence! Let him have his space while he’s in his office room working. Just give him some alone time when you are around. Especially if you live together, or ur always at HIS house. Chill boo!

#9: Asking to see his phone or social media.

This is pretty self explanatory. Even if allows you to, just don’t go through his phone or social media accounts. Both people should trust each. And for what it’s worth, lying cheaters ALWAYS GET CAUGHT! No need to snoop baby girl! The truth will surface one way or another if he’s up to no good! Believe that!

#10: He likes to go out with his friends without you on occasion.

In my last relationship, he did not mind me going out with him and his friends all time. He always invited me. But, I’m sure he wanted to step out without his boo sometimes. People like to say certain things around their friends they wouldn’t say around their partners. It’s ok. Doesn’t mean they are hiding anything. It’s just a good time! Don’t be clingy!



Krystle Kelley

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